According to numerous reports, yesterday at around 8 am, the stunning Pirramimma House by Peter Stutchbury Architecture in the Blue Mountains was completely destroyed by a fire.

Completed in 2014, ‘Pirramimma’, Aboriginal for ‘under the moon and stars, was Peter Stutchbury Architecture team’s attempt to integrate a building with the landscape of the surrounding mountain topography.

Once the home of Australian actor, singer, theatrical performer and former television presenter Reg Livermore, the home was thought to be vacant at the time.


According to Wentworth Falls Fire and Rescue, about 40 Firefighters and 10 fire trucks and specialized vehicles managed to contained the house fire, however the entire building is now little more than ashes.

According to a story Architecture and Design published in 2015, the house is located on a 748 sqm block and was excavated into the ground and wholly contained within the footprint/external walls of the old dwelling, so as to reduce its prominence from the street.

IMG_20190121_091123-1.jpgIMAGE: TNV

Probably the most striking element of Pirramimma was its massive zinc form that spans on a slight pitch from the adjacent hill to the west before folding over at its ridge line and falling down the side of the building to make up the bulk of the eastern fa├žade.

In terms of design, the Peter Stutchbury Architecture team’s idea was to integrate the building within the vistas of the surrounding topography.

According to Springwood Police, the cause of the fire is still under investigation.