Glare-reducing UV film has been added to the facades of Peter Pichler’s ‘Mirror Houses’, helping to prevent birds from colliding with the highly reflective surfaces.

Located on a farm outside the city of Bolzano, north-east Italy, the pair of adjoining guesthouses feature mirror-clad west facades, designed to reflect the surrounding mountains and blend seamlessly into the landscape.

To deter birds from mistaking the reflections for open space and accidentally flying into the surfaces, the mirror-wall is coated with a specially designed film that reduces UV light and glare.

The modern structures appear to be floating on a base above the ground and have been slightly staggered in height and alignment to visually separate the two units.

On the eastern side, the homes open up with floor-to-ceiling windows that curve and fade into the black aluminium sidewalls.

Combined living and dining spaces are positioned directly behind the glass, leading out onto small terraces, which are sheltered by cantilevered roof canopies.

A bedroom and bathroom sit behind the living room of each unit, illuminated by skylights, and temporary storage areas are provided by small basements.

Courtesy Dezeen