Tapeflips are a series of modular cardboard panels that can be used to construct a range of light, strong and practical pieces of furniture.

Designed by architect Petar Zaharinovhe, the system uses strips of adhesive tape to connect various-shaped cardboard surfaces and assembled them into anything from a table, to shelving or custom lighting.

According to the Tapeflips website, the cardboard, or ‘paperboard’, is totally ecological and recyclable, and was chosen by Zaharinov for its light, robust and waterproof properties.

The surfaces are also able to be customized using paint, printed designs, stickers or adhesive foils, meaning people can alternate the style of the furniture as they please.

In addition, the strategic placing of adhesive tape to act as a 360° rotatable hinge enables the furniture to be rearranged, adjusted or folded down for easy storage.

Zaharinov is currently trying to rally the support needed to see Tapeflips developed into a commercial product.

Courtesy Gizmodo & Tapeflips