Parlour, an online space that brings together research, informed opinion and resources on women, equity and architecture, has launched a crowdfunding campaign to ensure the organisation’s future.

Over the past three years, Parlour has become an important space for people in the industry to discuss, advocate and collect resources about gender equity and architecture.

However, the initial funding for the research project has now finished and the media platform has turned to a crowd sourced funding campaign so that it can continue evolving into an organisation that develops new initiatives and research.

“Parlour is in the process of transforming from a media platform to an organisation – we are now an incorporated association,” says Parlour.

“This will enable us to continue as a powerful voice in the profession that also provides space for others; to expand the resources available and to develop new initiatives and research.”

Parlour is now considered an incorporated association, which means it's officially recognised as a not-for-profit organization and will rely on sponsors and donors to survive.

As the organisation notes:

“[We] want to ensure that the Parlour discussions and resources continue to be available to all. To do this we need support from like-minded organisations, business and individuals who value our work and its results.”

At the time of print, the campaign has raised $4,700 with a goal of raising $25,000.

The campaign will finish 13 July, 2015 and to donate to the campaign please visit here: