Perth’s Optus Stadium is the scene of construction once more, with a new 42-metre-high viewing platform allowing fans to walk beyond the edge of the stadium roof currently being installed.

Designed by Hassell, the platform is likened to a ‘ring-pull’, and even dares those on the platform to lean out from a rail-less platform towards the playing field, adding to the stadium’s HALO rooftop tours that are currently accessible.

The platform is located on the western side of the stadium roof, and extends five metres beyond the edge of the roof, giving visitors access to one of the best views of any stadium in the world. The platform is accessed via a direct lift, making it the first universally accessible rooftop platform.

It will provide a 360-degree view to visitors of all ages and abilities with unparalleled views of Perth's landscape – from the Perth Hills in the east to the city in the west.

optus stadium ringpull hassell

Hassell Principal, Peter Dean, says the platform focuses on celebrating the unique moments of anticipation and drama.

“We wanted to physically express the element of excitement that occurs within the stadium – a ‘ring-pull’ to the unique events below the platform,” he says.

“It is about harnessing this ‘fizz’ and excitement and creating a unique experience that showcases the world’s most beautiful stadium.”

The ‘ring-pull’ plays host to a range of experiences including a lean out over the field of play, a cantilevered glass walkway with electronic ‘shatter’ glass, as well as enabling the potential for operator lead experiences like abseiling. It will also include rooftop seating to watch games live from a unique vantage point, accessed by a back of house gantry walkway.

Western Australia’s Sport and Recreation Minister, Tony Buti, says the stadium and its surrounding park have continued to provide exceptional experiences for its visitors since its opening in 2018.

"This is an exciting addition to the suite of stadium tours and proves Western Australia's ability to draw visitors to the State and provide world class sporting and entertainment experiences,” he says.