The organisers of Sustainable House Day have extended an invitation to homeowners to open up their sustainable homes to visitors during the 2016 event.

Being held on Sunday 11 September 2016, this year’s Sustainable House Day encourages homeowners who have invested time and effort in making their house more sustainable, to share their knowledge and learnings with their neighbours and also help many others reduce their footprint on the earth.

By opening up their sustainable homes on Sustainable House Day, homeowners can play a major role in inspiring and educating others about their journey to sustainability and how it has changed their way of living.

By opening their homes on Sunday 11 September, 2016 and sharing their sustainability experiences, homeowners can upcycle their knowledge to others and encourage the continued growth of healthy home practices.

Homeowners can submit their home for Sustainable House Day 2016 by registering for SHD 2016 and completing the submission process; using their existing registered homeowner profile online to resubmit their home; or upgrading their 2015 subscription with visitor profile to homeowner.

Image: Homeowners can submit their homes for Sustainable House Day 2016