When Shabazz Stuart had his third bicycle stolen in five years, he realised that access to secure parking for bicycles was critical for convenient and reliable mobility in cities. Though bicycles and scooters are popular mobility options, many urban riders don’t have access to secure parking facilities, resulting in theft, vandalism or damage.

After more than a year of meeting with urban planners, cyclists, transportation advocates, public space managers, and real estate developers, it became clear that any impactful solution would require a completely new, fresh approach, recalled Stuart, founder and CEO of Oonee who set up the company with co-founder J. Manuel Mansylla.

Thus began the journey of the Oonee Mini, a customisable pod featuring secure and smart bike parking on the inside and public space amenities on the outside. Built to survive the tough streets of New York, Oonee Mini delivers up to 10 high quality secure bike parking spaces in place of a single car parking space.

The Oonee Mini is designed to address the need for a nimble streetscape infrastructure that could provide parking options for bikes and scooters, and also enhance the surrounding public spaces. Each Oonee provides benches, seating, greenery and other placemaking features in a super-customisable frame, and can be matched to the surrounding architecture and setting of the neighbourhood.

Described as the future of the kerb, the Oonee Mini pod is packed with hundreds of design and technology innovations that ensure a superior experience for both cyclists and the community.

Technology features include smart access that allows for unlocking using a keycard or smartphone; interior illumination enabling cyclists to find their bike inside the Mini; air pump with both Presta and Schrader valves for free and easy air; and hydraulic sliding doors for easy opening and automated closing.

Design features include accent cladding and colours providing an individual touch to unique settings and streetscapes; custom greenery and planting boxes for plants; exterior accent lighting for warm illumination and placemaking; scratch-resistant powdercoat paint providing adequate protection against vandalism and damage; and glossy finish ensuring sufficient visibility even during evening hours.

Additionally, Oonee Mini pods provide insurance coverage for bikes and scooters parked inside, ensuring peace of mind for the owners. Oonee Care keeps the pods in perfect shape and provides cyclists with rapid response customer service.

“Thanks to an initial sponsorship from VOI, we are able to bring the first two Oonee Mini pods to the streets of New York City this spring,” the founders said.

Oonee installs, operates and manages the pods and membership is always free to the public.

While cyclists get access to affordable, secure bike parking with the Oonee Mini, companies can leverage an unlimited array of branding opportunities offered by the easy-to-install pods in urban streetscapes.

Photo Credit: Oonee