Amsterdam-based design studio Heldergroen has introduced ‘vanishing desks’ into its office in an effort to encourage employees to maintain a happy work-life balance.

Designed by Bright Green and built by Zecc Architects, the large communal workstations are made from recycled telegraph poles and serve as standard office furniture during the day.

However, when the clock strikes 6pm the desks are lifted into the ceiling using a key-operated lifting mechanism and steel ceiling cables, forcing employees to step away from their work.

The cleared office space is then available to be used for other activities, such as networking events, yoga classes or even dance parties!

At nights and weekends the space can be also be hired out to others.

The rest of the Heldergroen office was designed to be as sustainable as possible, with furniture made from materials scavenged in the neighbourhood.

According to a report by America’s CNBC, the ethos behind the work-life balance is a hot topic, especially in Asia, where a culture of working long hours has some people questioning whether productivity drops off when employees work late.

Courtesy Fast Company and CNBC