The NSW Architects Registration Board (NSWARB) has released a discussion paper detailing the current profile and future direction of architecture and the built environment sector in NSW and beyond.

The 65-page Change Architecture Discuss document begins by highlighting the role architecture plays as a value-add entity in construction and property sector as well as profiling the scope of this value through the number of registered architects in NSW and through a snapshot of their work.

It then emphasises the role of architecture as a tool for social change in the community and highlights the avenues for architects to make such changes. These domains for change are outlined within the context of national and state policy and are aligned to the six trends impacting the world today as highlighted by the CSIRO.

The discussion paper was put together by the NSWARB which includes members such as Tim Horton, Richard Thorp, Peter Poulet, Joe Agius and Nigel Bell, among many more.

It is available for free download here: