Yesterday, the NSW government announced they will be allocating $310 million to the urban renewal of Parramatta North. The funds will create “a new, vibrant neighbourhood”, according to Urban Taskforce.

“The Parramatta North precinct is a unique opportunity to build on the important heritage of the site to create a vibrant community,” says Urban Taskforce CEO, Chris Johnson.

The new cultural precinct will be located close to Parramatta’s urban centre, including the employment hub around Westmead Hospital and along the proposed Western Sydney Light Rail site. According to Johnson, the $310 million urban renewal initiative will be responsible for creating 2,700 homes and 2,000 jobs.

Although there have been community concerns relating to heritage constraints in the area, Johnson believes these are unfounded.

“Concerns by some in the community that heritage will be impacted misunderstand the evolutionary nature of how the site has become more urban from the early water mill, the early farm followed by the Female Factory and new buildings by a range of government architects.

“This process of sensitively urbanising the site can continue with quality design and careful attention to landscaping.”