The much-anticipated revitalisation of Gosford's CBD and waterfront will be guided by the NSW Government architect as part of the Central Coast Regional Plan.

The NSW minister for Planning and Housing, Anthony Roberts, and parliamentary secretary for the Central Coast, Scot MacDonald, today officially confirmed that the Government Architect’s office had been commissioned to develop an implementation framework for the Gosford CBD revitalisation.

"The work of the Government Architect, with the support of Central Coast coordinator general Lee Shearer, will be a major milestone in the renewal and redevelopment of the Gosford CBD and waterfront," Roberts says.

The Government architect says it will appoint a multi-disciplinary design team by the end of this month.

"The Central Coast is a beautiful area with enormous potential and our commitment is to transform Gosford into the dynamic hub the region deserves," Roberts says.

MacDonald added, "We now have a collaborative and coordinated framework to deliver major projects such as this. All the ground work has been laid and it is now time for action."

According to Lee Shearer, "The NSW Department of Planning and Environment has developed the Central Coast Regional Plan 2036 - a 20-year blueprint to deliver environmentally sustainable investment, jobs, housing and connected communities to realise the full potential of urban centres in this beautiful region."

In terms of urgency, Shearer says that "Transforming Gosford into a vibrant capital of the Central Coast has already commenced with the substantial investment into the Gosford Hospital re-development, the major construction of the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation building underway at 32 Mann Street and the new Australian Tax Office building under construction that will create hundreds of new jobs in the heart of Gosford"

"The Department of Planning and Environment is working in close collaboration with the Central Coast Council and other agencies to identify key infrastructure upgrades to water, sewerage and roads that will unlock further investment into housing and employment lands across the region." says Shearer.

"One of the The Central Coast Regional Plan 2036 is to position Gosford as a vibrant regional capital and it is expected that the CBD population will increase significantly," Sheare says.