The NSW government has made changes to the Low Rise Medium Density Housing Code allowing for the fast track compliance and development of one and two storey dual occupancies.

The new rules will commence on July 6th, 2018 with some improvements to be embodied in the new code that include:

• time and money savings for homeowners;

• increased housing supply to improve housing affordability;

• improved design of medium density housing proposals;

• cutting red tape.

The changes to the Code also include the accreditation of building designers who can obtain this through Building Designers Association of Australia.

Under the guidelines of the new code it will be required that, “The EP&A Regulation requires that an Architect or an Accredited Designer has designed or immediately directed the design of the development.”

Further, the Code notes that an ‘Accredited Designer’ will be defined as: “A qualified designer or building designer that is accredited by the Building Designers Association of Australia is required to certify that the design of the development is consistent with the Design Criteria in the Design Verification Statement.”

This is a formal recognition for Building Designers and the Building Design Association of Australia, the BDA Australia, which is specifically mentioned in the changes to the code.

The BDA Australia says that it will work closely with its members to ensure all necessary standards are maintained, and the Association says that it “looks forward to helping with the registration of new members in addition to developing relevant training courses to help them administer the important responsibilities relegated to them through the changes to the Code.”