A new App designed to create three-dimensional models of existing spaces in as little as a minute will soon be released for beta testing in the market.

Called Walkabout Worlds, the App aims to significantly reduce the time taken to develop 3D models from 360 photographs of spaces. For instance, the technology has demonstrated its capability to convert a 360 photograph into a simple 3D model in minutes by selecting key points in the image. The technology can also be used as a tool to create photographic 3D walkthroughs for virtual reality viewing of a space.

It is possible to develop more refined models using the App and to create larger areas using multiple photographs. For instance, the App will allow multiple rooms to be connected within a single 3D model.

Not just for undeveloped spaces, Walkabout Worlds simplifies the process of creating 360-degree virtual walkthroughs of existing spaces with services similar to those offered by Google Streetview. Unlike other walkthroughs that fail to provide an immersive experience, the 360-degree walkthroughs from Walkabout Worlds almost replicate an actual walkthrough by enabling the user to smoothly explore the space and get a real feel of the layout.

Creator Kevin Davies explains that the walkthroughs are meant to give the user a real sense of walking through a place by reducing the spaces between successive images. These ‘walkabouts’ are published online directly from the App and can be viewed with Walkabout Worlds’ own custom viewer.

The Walkabout Worlds App is scheduled to be released for public beta in early May.