Ciguë alongside environmental engineering experts, Le Sommer Environment, has conceived ‘a room for tomorrow’ aiming to “reinvent the model for hotel rooms,” planning to bring to light solutions that already exist.

Completed in 2019, in Paris, France, Ciguë made a temporary installation of a hotel room prototype with an area of 30m2.

“The room is deliberately brought down to its most simple expression. A solid oak skeleton, dismountable an experimental platform made of natural materials, recycled, for the most part, staging a series of systems brought together to spare 70% of the water usually consumed in a standard hotel room,” says Ciguë.

On an open-sky bedroom, two exposed water tanks stand, one to collect rainwater, and the other to store drinkable water by the phytopurification plants and activated carbon filters.

“The bathtub and the sink are connected to a system of pumps and filters that treat and replenish water into the loop circuit.”

The toilet bowl is transparent, to show the separate collection of human urin and feces, transformed into fertilisers and biomass.

“By fully showing what we usually tend to conceal, we demonstrate that solutions do exist and can be the starting point of a deeper reassessment on our way of living.”

Image: Supplied