The Rastegar Property Company has announced plans to develop the tallest living wall in North America as part of a 26-story tower in Dallas.

The building aims to improve local air quality with over 40,000 plants estimated to capture over 1,600 pounds of carbon dioxide and produce 1,200 pounds of oxygen annually.

The development will be located across the street from the Union mixed-use complex.

“This project is very personal to me because I was raised in Dallas and my wife Kellie and I have always had a dream of being part of the Dallas Skyline in a way that enhances quality of life for its residents and the surrounding community,” said Ari Rastegar, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Rastegar Property Company.

“Our shared vision and objective behind this project will bring something new to the Dallas real estate scene that will positively impact the community, increase walkability, and bring more green space to the corridor.”

"We thought about how living walls can positively influence the city of Dallas," said Zach Smith, CEO of Zauben, a Chicago-based living wall company.

"We wanted to help champion the sustainability goals of the city and create an example that other forward-thinking cities can follow."

"Rastegar is offering a fresh perspective on how developers can grapple with some of the most urgent environmental issues, including air quality and carbon emissions."

The building was designed by Chicago-based architect Solomon Cordwell Buenz as a contoured glass tower with heavily landscaped balconies.

There’s also a pocket park that will be maintained by Rastegar on McKinney Avenue and the building’s parking will be entirely underground,