The next chapter of development for the Wharf’s Entrance precinct at Melbourne’s Yarra’s Edge has been announced by Mirvac architects, which came alongside renders of a 30 storey tower, 11 exclusive residencies and multiple ‘cargotecture’ home offices.

Named for its history of transporting cargo into Melbourne, Wharf’s Entrance represents the beginning of the Yarra’s Edge promenade and is the final stage of development in the precinct from Mirvac whose Yarra’s Edge portfolio also includes the Marina, Park and River developments.

The anchor of the four-hectare project is Forge, a 30 level tower of concrete, steel and glass that takes a gently curving façade 100 metres into the Melbourne skyline.

Over $100 million will be spent on the project which also features a limited number of Wharfside Residences that Mirvac has described as the ultimate in luxury. The residences will range in size from 332 to 493sqm and feature personal lifts and generous outdoor living areas.

Rounding out the mix of properties are flexible Cargo Homes that have split home office spaces across three levels.

Mirvac Design director Michael Wiener said his goal was to create a precinct with a distinct design difference to what had come before, but that still played into the architecture of the Yarra’s Edge precinct.

“At the heart of the design was a desire to create an edge to a precinct that would foster a strong sense of community and draw people to this stunning area on the water’s edge,” he said.

“The materials and shapes bring in the wharfside elements of the area while celebrating the biggest character in the story at Yarra’s Edge – the water.”

An expansive fitness centre, pool and café will also sit beneath an inclined glass roof on the river front and blend into the 2,000sqm green open space known as Wharf’s Landing.

Anticipated to commence construction in 2015, Wharf’s Entrance will be built in several stages, with the entire precinct due to be completed in approximately seven years.

Images: supplied.