BVN Donovan Hill launched a new online publication focussed on the workplace on Friday, April 26.

The major Australian architecture firm has launchred 'Transformative' to include content that it says will reveal the processes involved in creating the contemporary office.

The publication will include in-depth stories on a wide range of workplaces, from the fairly small single floor in a B-Grade 70’s building that is re-worked into a contemporary vibrant space to completely new office buildings housing thousands of workers.

There is a comprehensive history providing insight into the development of the workplace that starts back in the 6th Century Scriptorium.

Bill Dowzer (pictured), BVN Principal says: “A primary goal for our practice is stimulating debate and discussion around architecture in the broader community.”

“This initiative is an opportunity to start a dialogue around different modes of thinking, using projects from our 15 year history in workplace design as a platform for discussion,” he said. 

Also looking into the future, the new publication includes stories from contributors offering different perspectives on the changes that are coming to work.

“By sharing our knowledge about workplace we believe more people will be able to engage in the conversation,” said Dowzer.