Findings from a new research study conducted by the Association of Consulting Architects – SA reveal a comprehensive picture of the architectural profession in South Australia.

Led by John Held and Sue Phillips of ACA – SA, the study was funded through a grant from the Architectural Practice Board of SA (APBSA) with the project providing three reports including the findings of a comprehensive survey of architectural practices in the state as well as the demographic analysis of the last three Censuses and the ABPSA's own data.

Together, the three reports provide an insightful view about architectural practices in South Australia, and form a comprehensive base for developing strategy, policy and action.

The research project provides a snapshot of architectural practice in South Australia at the end of 2015, revealing new data about the nature and size of architectural practices and structural changes underway within the profession. Findings from the study provide an important baseline for regular surveys to track changes in the status of the profession and emerging changes in the nature of practice.

Much of the data shows low salaries, low proportions of graduates becoming registered, fee shrinkage and increased risk borne by architects, all of which have resulted in a competitive race to the bottom.

The research project and findings can be accessed on the ACA website.