A new on-demand data service to provide engineers and planners with self-serve access to ready-to-use data on building outlines, heights and addresses for anywhere in Australia has been launched.

In an industry where data sources are often fragmented by region and type and users need to combine sources to inform their analysis, this new on-demand service is designed to reduce the cost of sourcing accurate buildings data, says the company.

Launched by PSMA Australia and Geoscape, CEO Dan Paull says, “We appreciate the challenges professionals, like engineers and urban planners, bear in the arduous process of sourcing data for their modelling and visualisations.”

“As profit margins tighten, our new self-serve, on-demand, model-ready data on over 15 million buildings nationwide will reduce the cost of sourcing accurate data by up to 90 percent for engineers and streamline their processes.”

“Significantly, as workforces become increasingly distributed, this new service enables businesses to easily access consistently formatted data for modelling regardless of an employee’s location – whether they’re working in the office, on location or from home,” says Paull.