YBF Ventures is collaborating with Honeywell Building Technologies to establish a proptech hub in Sydney for startups working in the property space.

YBF designs and develops bespoke solutions to drive innovation for Australia’s largest corporates. The latest initiative aims to create a proptech community that will help shape the future of innovation in the building automation industry. 

To be based out of YBF’s newly-opened co-working space in Sydney, the new PropTech Hub will be a source of customer engagement for Honeywell. Startups in the proptech space will be required to bring agility and speed to complement Honeywell’s expertise in software and solution development.

Having pioneered and advanced Australia’s technology-focused entrepreneurial ecosystem, YBF is home to some of the country’s most successful innovation hubs: YBF in Melbourne launched the city’s first and largest fintech hub in partnership with the Victorian Government and opened the world’s first Web 3.0 hub in partnership with the Federal Government in 2018. The LawTech Hub – a first for Australia – came about through a partnership with contemporary law firm, Lander & Rogers in 2019.

YBF Ventures' chief executive officer Farley Blackman says, "Working with an iconic global brand like Honeywell on YBF’s first proptech hub is fantastic. The Honeywell PropTech Hub will be joining a group of powerful federal and state government-backed initiatives.”

Two innovation cycles will take place per year, engaging with and collaborating with four property-focused startups.