UrbiPod from Australian start-up Urbotanica is designed for homeowners to grow their own fresh herbs and greens in a simple way. 

The Newcastle-based eco-friendly home builder Future Built has now partnered with Urbotanica to integrate the indoor garden in their homes to give their new owners the perfect start to a sustainable lifestyle.

Every new Future Built homeowner will now be provided with the UrbiPod, the indoor herb, salad and micro greens garden that simplifies the otherwise tedious process of growing one’s own fresh herbs and greens, regardless of the season.

Future Built director Amy Neary says, “We always want to be staying ahead of the curve and we believe that sustainable and eco-friendly building practices are the way of the future. That’s important to us. That’s why we decided to partner with Urbotanica – they make the ideal home product for sustainable living – growing your own healthy food indoors in your kitchen. And we like their ethos about war on waste and the fact they use a disability charity to assemble the product. Plus it’s great to be able to work with another Australian company supporting local jobs.”

Urbotanica specialises in creating intelligent, sustainable solutions for home-grown food. UrbiPod, their launch product, is a clever yet simple indoor garden that takes the guesswork out of growing plants, and ensures home-grown produce throughout the year.

While a built-in irrigation system and automatic nutrient application deliver the perfect amount of water and nutrients to foster plant growth, energy-efficient LED lighting speeds up the growing process up to five times faster than sunlight.

Being LED lights, energy efficiency is assured. The portable design additionally enables mobility around the home.