Building designers will be pleased to hear that a new training course for the property industry has been launched to assist real estate agencies in selling the sustainability credentials of buildings.

‘Sustainability in Commercial Real Estate’ was launched by the newly formed Green Building Institute (GBI) in a bid to expand the knowledge of property professionals in recognising and promoting sustainability in the built environment.

“The property industry is changing, so is client preferences and demand for the buildings they want to invest in or occupy,” says the GBI.

“Sustainability features that improve capital value and lower operating costs is becoming a requirement, not just for government tenancies, but also for organisations that are financially savvy and looking to grow.”

The course promotes the financial benefits of sustainability features and will assist the real estate industry to identify, understand and promote efficient and sustainable commercial buildings.

It was reviewed by key industry groups including the Green Building Council of Australia, Melbourne’s 1200 Buildings program, the Better Buildings Partnership, CitySwitch, NABERS and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

 Key learning points for the program:

  • Why it’s important to identify green buildings
  • Understanding the benefits for clients 
  • Understanding the various building rating systems and programs
  • Knowing what to look for and how to promote it
  • Finding out about various Government Programs
  • Obtaining tools and skills to assist sellers 
  • A certificate and logo as a Certified Green Property Professional under the GBI Green Property Professional Program

For more information visit the GBI website: