The Australian Institute of Landscape Architecture (AILA) has announced a new National Council (Board), as well as a new CEO, Shahana McKenzie.

This new governance was created in response to increasing challenges within the profession and the leadership of the AILA.

Led by recently elected National President Mark Frisby, a national award-winning landscape architect, the National Council seeks to provide transparent and engaging leadership in its efforts to unite the profession and advocate for better built and natural environments within Australia.

“As we all try to manage the challenges of growing cities it is more important than ever to advocate for good design which translates to greater community benefits, particularly in the areas of health and sustainability,” said Frisby.

“In order to achieve this goal, the profession needs to come together to develop a strong voice on the issues that matter to us as landscape architects and to the broader population to safeguard this environment we have been entrusted with.”

AILA National Council: (Left to right) Julie Marler, Fiona Eddleston, Andrew Turnbull, Greg Grabasch, Mark Frisby,
Liesl Malan, Jerry de Gryse, Suzanne Moulis, Shaun Walsh, Daniel Bennett.

Focusing on a collaborative and inclusive approach to decision making, the National Council will encourage increased member involvement to ensure the organisation is in a stronger position as it heads toward its 50th anniversary in 2015.

To assist with this vision, the AILA has selected a new CEO, Shahana McKenzie, who will “drive the AILA into a modern era and to effectively align its state and national strategies”.

McKenzie spent eight years in key positions ay the Australian Institute of Architects, and has extensive industry knowledge which is expected to help advance the 1400-strong member organisation.

Mark Frisby is joined on the National Council by Treasurer Andrew Turnbull; Secretary Shaun Walsh; joint Vice Presidents Daniel Bennett and Suzanne Moulis; Jerry de Gryse; Fiona Eddleston; Greg Grabasch; Liesl Malan and Julie Marler.