A team of Czech creatives from ELON Technologies has developed illuminated wallpaper in the form of ultra thin tiles that can quickly and easily be applied to any flat surface.

The Lighting Wallpaper is manufactured using high precision screen-printing and Electroluminescent Technology, which produces the 0.5mm thin tiles with a patterned lighting design.

A ‘Flowers and Circles’ pattern was created as a prototype and debuted at the 2014 Designblok event in Prague.

According to ELON Technologies designers, the soft light emitted from the wallpaper can illuminate an entire room and could be used to add a decorative element to any home, office or commercial premises such as hotels, bars or design studios.  

The final stage of the Lighting Wallpaper’s development will be financed by a crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo.com.

Courtesy Architecture Lab