Slow adoption of new technologies is costing architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) businesses who are struggling with digital transformation and the shift from a 2D to a 3D world, according to Dropbox. Construction in particular is considered one of the least-digitised industries in the world, according to the company. For these reasons, Dropbox has further expanded its partnerships for AEC industries.


This partnership provides integrated cloud-based collaboration solutions to the construction and engineering industries.


  • Manage draft versions of drawings on Dropbox before distributing the final versions to the construction teams via Aconex
  • Upload Dropbox drawings to the Aconex document registration before distributing the information according to specific project processes


A two-way sync with documents stored in Dropbox folders planned this year will give construction professionals a more streamlined process for project management.


  • Upload, save and update plans, documents and reports directly from Dropbox to BulldozAIR
  • Automatically save BulldozAIR site reports to Dropbox, keeping everything up-to-date and available to your teams, on-site and in the office


Dropbox has partnered with Fieldwire, a centralised, mobile-first platform for construction crews to access and manage project documentation and communications.


  • Upload, access and modify the latest documents in Fieldware through a two-way integration with dropbox to ensure all team members and external collaborators are working off the same set of documents
  • Use Fieldware’s markup tools and task management capabilities to track on-site changes and assign work to team members. The set of plans – with redlines and progress photos – is then synced with Dropbox to share progress with the wider project team in real-time


The integration with Dropbox lets you upload your plans directly to PlanGrid and back to Dropbox.

  • Save as-builts and snapshots back to Dropbox to access them on any device or platform
  • Build and collaborate from anywhere with real-time access to construction information generated from PlanGrid in Dropbox
  • File uploading integration with Dropbox ensures you are in sync