Swedish companies Wallgren Arkitekter and Box Bygg have come together to develop Finch, a parametric design tool that generates floor plans tailored to the constraints of a site.

The tool will launch next year, available as a plug-in to programming tool Grasshopper within 3D graphics software Rhino.

The concept behind Finch was to create a tool for architects that would allow them to use parametric design without needing coding knowledge.

All architects will need is a set of parameters for the space (such as size, planning regulations, etc.), which the tool will take into account as it creates optimal internal plans in 2D and 3D.

According to the tool’s founders, Finch will help increase awareness about parametric design, which can be used to optimise design and create interesting forms that architects might not have otherwise imagined.

The tool is currently undergoing improvements to increase the parameters architects can add, and allow the tool to take into account factors such as building orientation and style.