A new awards program celebrating the success of stakeholders shaping the circular economy in Australia and New Zealand will open for entries on 15 April 2021.

An initiative of The World's Most Rubbish (TWMR) in partnership with NSW Circular, The Bravery and Urban List, The Circle Awards aims to spotlight products and services adopting circular practices, and recognise the pioneers contributing to a world without waste. The awards will also provide a platform to increase awareness of sustainable solutions amongst a wider audience.

Contrary to the current ‘take-make-waste’ linear model, a circular economy is regenerative by design. A circular economy removes waste and pollution from the equation by keeping products and materials in use for longer in a perpetual loop (or circle) and regenerating natural systems, thereby reducing environmental impact and protecting precious natural resources.

Nick Hoskin, co-founder of TWMR and The Circle Awards said, “Many consumers and brands are already contributing towards a more circular world, sometimes without realising it. While we're hearing the term 'circularity' or the 'circular economy' more than ever, the understanding of what this means, both in theory and practice, is limited.”

According to Hoskin, The Circle Awards showcases tangible examples of circularity in action, demonstrating to people about conscious consumption without compromising on quality, cost or experience. Circular design thinking, he explained, is behind some of the most interesting products and services on the market as a driving force for innovation.

The Circle Awards aims to recognise and celebrate not only the established businesses and people in the circular economy sector but also those making progress in this space through creative solutions, opening up the awards platform to a diverse range of entrants of all shapes and sizes.

A new study of 2000 Australian consumers by leading change campaigners Republic of Everyone and The Bravery with independent researchers Mobium Group, The Power & The Passion, reveals that many Australians are already actively seeking out more conscious brands and products. The awards, therefore, will provide an opportunity to people to learn more about circular practices and support brands and businesses that align with their values.

Award categories

The Circle Awards is open to any product or service demonstrating circular practices across the following categories:

  • Food & Drink
  • Fashion
  • Health & Beauty
  • Events
  • Architecture & Construction
  • Transport & Travel
  • Home, Garden & Utilities
  • Lifestyle & Technology
  • Art & Design
  • Materials & Processes
  • Community, Education & Research
  • B2B

Important dates

Submissions open 15 April 2021 and close 14 May 2021. Winners will be announced on 14 June 2021.

How to enter

Head to the awards website for more information on guidelines and entry. 

Image: https://getrealonclimatechange.org/