The Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) NSW Chapter have announced the launch a formal Mentoring Program available to all active participants of the architecture community.

The Program will be pair volunteer mentors with groups of student mentees over the course of nine months in a bid to impart inter-generational wisdom throughout the architecture profession.

All Mentors will be volunteers and registered architects, however those with less than 12 years post-graduation experience and are mentoring a student need not be a registered architect.

Mentees may be members of the Institute or may be working or studying within the profession.

The Institute will match mentors and mentees using the information contained in the application form and where possible, match according to shared areas of interest as stated on the application form.

The Institute expects that mentors and mentees will meet once per month for approximately one to two hours and they believe this minimum time requirement will create a setting which will cultivate architectural ideas and aspirations and help the professional standing of architecture thrive.

More information is available in the Information Pack

To apply for the program download and fill out:

Mentor Application Form

Mentee Application Form