South Bank Corporation has won silver at the 2018 Melbourne Design Awards for Jem, a high-tech interactive sculpture that lights up the heart of the Flowstate parklands with millions of LEDs.

Set in South Bank’s newest urban renewal development, Flowstate, Jem was commissioned to deliver a never-before-seen interactive digital experience that would bring strangers together in unity and contemplation.

The installation is a custom-built, outdoor structure that uses 360 Lidar (interactive) technology to respond to people’s movement and generate endless combinations of visual and audio content.

Jem is an impressive, forward-thinking installation that combines art, science, design and technology; a complex build with a simple outcome: joy,” says South Bank Corporation chair Dr Catherin Bull.

The installation is the visual centrepiece of Flowstate, South Bank’s vibrant redevelopment of the former Arbour View Café site.