National Precast Concrete Association is urging architects, builders, precast manufacturers and window suppliers to ensure consistency in window detailing through collaboration.

The increasing popularity of precast construction has seen a corresponding rise in lack of consistency in window detailing, resulting in issues such as water ingress through window openings on some sites.

National Precast Chief Executive Officer Sarah Bachmann observes that these issues can be avoided if builders insist on the precast and window industries working together, instead of in isolation. She notes that architects need to liaise with both precast manufacturers and window companies at the planning stage to ensure their details for window openings are consistent.

Bruce Wymond, the Managing Director of National Precast Member Inhabit Group believes education is the only way these inconsistencies in window detailing can be resolved. The lack of familiarity of some precast manufacturers with correct window detailing combined with some window contractors not understanding the requirements of working with precast typically results in water ingress problems once a project is completed.

With the problem becoming a frequent occurrence, Bruce Wymond says it’s time to go back to basics including learning about how windows and precast work together.

National Precast members have access to the correct detail specifications, and any issues could be avoided if everyone worked from the same guidelines.

National Precast’s Details for Buildings book guides specifiers on typical details commonly used by the industry in addition to assisting them with their drawings. The details include single layer panels - joints and openings, which can be provided to architects and window companies.

The Details for Buildings book is available in hard copy, PDF download, and as individual or groups of DWG files, which can be imported straight into CAD programs.