This article has been updated to include the final list of keynote speakers announced for the 2015 National Architecture Conference.  

The changing role of risk in architecture will be the theme for the 2015 National Architecture Conference at which some of Australia’s best architects will be on hand to speak about the architectural necessity and parameters of risk-taking within the profession.

Held between the 14-16 May in Melbourne, RISK 2015 will combine the presentation of architectural projects from around the world with the ideas, narratives and motivations that lie behind that work.

Sessions will include a range of keynote speakers from Europe, America and Asia, as well as extended panel discussions and short interrogative sessions bringing together the work and ideas of many Australian architects. For the full program in PDF see bottom.

The creative minds behind this year’s conference include Donald Bates (LAB Architecture Studio), Hamish Lyon (NH Architecture) and Andrew Mackenzie (CityLab) and the team have constructed a conference that will be centred on one core question: ‘what is the changing role of risk in architecture?’

“We are thrilled to confirm a powerhouse of speakers from near and far to explore the troubled nexus between the architectural necessity of risk-taking and a building environment predicated by risk minimisation,” said the creative directors.

“These exciting speakers come from within and outside the profession, small practices and large practices, public sector and private sector, creating a diverse conversation to push our profession forward at a time when our role is challenged.”

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On hand to discuss this question at length will be the following keynote speakers:

  • Thomas Bailey - Director of Room11 Architects
  • Camilla Block – Director Durbach Block Jaggers Architects
  • Caroline Bos, Netherlands
  • Anthony Burke, Head of the School of Architecture at UTSA
  • Minsuk Cho, South Korea, Director of Mass Studies architects
  • John Choi – Partner of CHROFI
  • John Daley—Grattan Institute
  • David Gianotten, Hong Kong—Partner of OMA architects.
  • Kristin Green—Director of KGA Architecture
  • Ben Hewett—Director for Strategic Services in NSW Gov Architect’s Office
  • Kasper Jensen, Denmark—3XN architects
  • Cheongkoon Hean, Singapore—CEO of the Housing and Development Board in Singapore
  • Jeremy McLeod—Director of Breathe Architecture
  • Juliet Moore—Co-director of Edwards Moore architecture
  • Paul Morgan—Director of Paul Morgan Architects
  • Gregg Pasquarelli, USA—Shop Architects
  • Finn Pederson—Co-founder of Environs Kimberly Inc. environmental group
  • Deborah Saunt, United Kingdom—Founder of DSDHA architects
  • Mitchel Silver, USA—Parks Commissioner for the City of New York
  • Jeremy Till, United Kingdom—Head of Central Saint Martins design centre
  • Hannah Tribe—Principal of Tribe Studio
  • Suzannah Waldron—Co-founder of Searle x Waldron Architecture
  • Charles Wright—Director of Charles Wright Architects

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