Sustainable House Day throws open best green homes to the public
Climate change means we can't keep living (and working) in glass houses

Joe Shlegeris' 8-star energy rated home in Noosaville, Queensland will be one of almost 150 houses open to the public as part of the upcoming Sustainable House Day event on 13 September.

A proud owner, Shlegeris has equipped his house with several green technologies and solutions, and is keen to open it to anyone who cares to look at it inside and out. For instance, Shlegeris' house is fitted with several solar panels that export to the grid six times the electricity consumed by his family. The panels are also used to charge his electric car.

Design highlights of Joe’s sustainable house include internal and external windows for cooling breeze paths, ample rainwater tank storage and productive food gardens.

Jointly organised by the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) and EnviroShop to promote sustainable living, Sustainable House Day offers people the opportunity to better understand the concept of green homes, and take home some useful lessons.

Shlegeris explains that the Sustainable House Day event allows people to come and have a look at what others are doing for a gentler, more sustainable way of living. He has also organised a display of electric cars as a highlight for people who visit his home on the day.

ATA's chief executive Donna Luckman said the Noosaville home was just one of many innovative new builds and renovations across the country pushing the boundaries of sustainable living and energy efficiency.

Observing that homeowners across the country from the Sunshine Coast, suburban Adelaide and inner-Melbourne to Sydney, Perth and other places are turning to sustainability to improve living and lower energy bills, Luckman said Sustainable House Day presented a great opportunity for everyone to be inspired about what they can achieve in their own home and garden.

She added that the event will present several innovations from electric vehicles and battery storage to hot water heat pumps, green roofs and efficient appliances.

Profiles are available at but people need to register online first to get the addresses of homes they wish to visit.