Finalists have been announced for a unique competition that challenged building designers to design a futuristic home on a small 394-square-metre plot.

Organised by building products specialist James Hardie in collaboration with the National Association of Building Designers (NABD), the competition challenged the Building Designers Associations (BDA) in the Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia to come up with conceptual designs for a ‘futuristic forever-home’ as envisaged by the clients, the Jetsons.

The Jetsons are 28-year-old city dwellers who purchased a small 394-square-metre block of land in the suburbs. The NABD Hardie Dream Designer Award competition sought building designs that met the Jetsons’ creative brief for their suburban home.

Based on the quality of the entries, James Hardie is confident that the future of building design is in safe hands. The submissions reveal that designers are not constrained by sub-400-square-metre blocks, with the designs showcasing breath-taking mixed material facades, innovative flexible living spaces and self-sufficient homes.

Finalists from the Building Designers Association of Queensland (BDAQ)

  • Design by Joel Alcorn of Kahrtel DesignsNABD-Dream-Designer-Finalist-Joel-Alcorn-QLD.jpg
  • Design by Joanne Galea of Design For Creation - Cold climate entryNABD-Dream-Designer-Finalist-Joanne-Galea-Cold-Climate-QLD-1.jpg
  • Design by Tim Lowe of Tim Lowe Building DesignNABD-Dream-Designer-Finalist-Tim-Lowe-QLD-1.jpg
  • Design by Joanne Galea of Design For Creation - Warm climate entryNABD-Dream-Designer-Finalist-Joanne-Galea-Warm-Climate-QLD-1.jpg

Finalists from the Building Designers Association of Victoria (BDAV)

  • Design by Peter Lombo of ArchsignNABD-Dream-Designer-Finalist-Peter-Lombo-VIC-1.jpg
  • Design by Andrew Griffiths of Chris Steel DesignsNABD-Dream-Designer-Finalist-Andrew-Griffiths-1.jpg
  • Design by Peter Searle of Peter Searle DesignNABD-Dream-Designer-Finalist-Peter-Searle-VIC-1.jpg

Finalists from the Building Designers Association of Western Australia (BDAWA)

  • Design by Matt Buckley of Matt Buckley DesignsNABD-Dream-Designer-Finalist-Matt-Buckley-WA-1.jpg
  • Design by Richard Vernon of Vernon Design GroupNABD-Dream-Designer-Finalist-Richard-Vernon-WA-1.jpg
  • Design by Sam Payne of Attic Salt


  • Design by Jordan Walker of Space Odyssey DesignsNABD-Dream-Designer-Finalist-Jordan-Walker-WA-1.jpg

The winner will be announced at the NABD National Design Awards on 1st October 2016 during the National Building Design Conference.