Airbnb has launched a $1m contest to finance the wackiest and most unique living spaces globally.

Judges of the fund will pick ten winners to build their fantasy homes, providing each winner with $100,000.

The panel of judges includes actor Billy Porter, Kristie Wolfe, and an Airbnb Superhost who is most renowned for their potato house, and architecture firm MVRD.

The judges will choose the winners based on the creativity and unique aspect of each home,  with a criteria of unusual shapes and innovativeness.

The designs must be feasible and sustainable including recycled materials, smart irrigation and waste reduction. 

“The only thing better than pushing the boundaries of style is empowering other to do the same,” says Billie Porter in a statement.

“I’m thrilled to join Airbnb in this global search for the most outrageous, spectacular home ideas ever. I can’t wait to see these concepts developed by design lovers from around the world.”

Designers have until April 15 to submit their proposals, with the ten winners announced by May 15.

To submit, click the link: