Music and architecture appreciation will unite in the Seidler Salon Series, four Sydney concerts hosted in and around the buildings of Harry Seidler.

Mary Lattimore (11-13 January)

Performing in the unique space of the Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre, Los Angeles harpist Mary Lattimore will pluck dreamy, sunlight-filled arpeggios and otherworldly loops, played through speakers submerged in the pool.

Elena Kats-Chernin (12 January)

Renowned Australian composer and pianist Elena Kats-Chernin will perform works from her ARIA number one albums Butterflying and Unsent Love Letters, as well as live improvisations, responding to the Harry and Penelope Seidler House.

Laurence Pike and Chuck Johnson (18-20 January)

A double-bill featuring two acclaimed artists. At Rose Seidler House, Sydney’s polymath percussionist, producer and composer Laurence Pike will journey through his musical history of jazz and electronic experimentation.

After a brief intermission and a short walk to the nearby Julian Rose House, Chuck Johnson will fuse minimalist composition with American gospel and suspend them in blissful, ambient pedal steel guitar meditations.

Lori Goldston (23-25 January)

Seattle cellist Lori Goldston plays songs, improvisations and compositions, restlessly exploring the far reaches of the instrument’s voice in response to the unique modernist surrounds of the Seidler Penthouse.


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Pictured: Julian Rose House. Image credit: Sydney Living Museums