Murder House Flip is an unconventional new show that will combine home renovation and true crime. 

The show will feature some of America's most infamous crime-affected houses, renovating them for sellable and liveable condition. Viewers will be taken on a journey through the homes' sordid history to the renovation process required to make them desirable again.

"Murder House Flip combines home renovations with the intriguing elements of a true crime series –bringing healing and solace to families living in the aftermath of tragic events by transforming dark places into healthy spaces," the show's creator, Josh Berman, tells Deadline

The show will include an interesting lineup, ranging from renovation experts to forensic scientists and spiritual healers. 

It is currently not certain whether Murder Flip House will be available in Australia – it is planned to premiere on American streaming service Quibi in April 2020. 

Image credit: Shutterstock