Adretcient Design Studio has reinvented the simple office desk, creating a modular structure that can be moved around to create the ideal set up.

The Taula desk features a birch top that is perforated with calculated circular holes and sustained by a structural metallic framework, discreetly supported underneath the main board to increase the rigidity of the entire table.

The cut out circles allow for different components to be slotted into the desk’s base like puzzle pieces, forming a variety of configurations.

Large panels can be added to cover the entire base and create a flat table surface.

Alternatively, panels can be left off and containers added to the holes to hold plants or office supplies.

Raised shelving can also be attached to hover over the desk, fabricating extra storage or a space divider   

The proportions of the table are specifically planned to produce a harmonious design, whatever the arrangement of components.


Courtesy Design Milk and Adretcient Design Studio