HouseLab, the digital platform that revolutionised home handovers for builders, architects and designers, has now expanded their service to mortgage brokers.

Leading national mortgage broker, Moneyquest will offer the digital handover service including HouseLab’s digital wallet to their extensive broker network across Australia. Mortgage brokers will now be able to hand over essential documentation to new homeowners in a simple cloud-based digital format instead of cumbersome folders with printed sheets or emails with attachments.

The HouseLab system allows complete information about the property including warranties, manuals, plans, permits, paint colours and key contact details among others, to be uploaded to a secure online hub that can be accessed by the homeowner. With HouseLab, the mortgage broker’s contact details are only a click away and key dates can be set as reminders allowing simple home management. The homeowner will have seamless access to their most important loan and home information anywhere, anytime.

Since Moneyquest works closely with many builders during the construction of new homes, this partnership brings everyone together on one simple, cloud-based platform.

“I think it’s a great idea; it means we don’t need to maintain multiple storage subscriptions and we can provide a great customer experience. It’s also a simple and useful way to say thanks to our customers and, of course, it removes the need to provide any printed documents, which often get lost,” commented Moneyquest general manager Simon Dehne.

Chris Rennie, co-founder of HouseLab says, “When we started talking to Moneyquest, we were thrilled to learn how we could assist improving their customer experience and thereby improving retention and referrals of customers. We’re also focused on improving the bottom line, so the idea of cutting down printed handovers and removing the need for ongoing online storage subscriptions is really exciting.

“It’s especially gratifying as we have gotten to know some of the community of mortgage brokers and can see why Moneyquest are so highly regarded. It’s also a perfect fit as their team works closely with many builders and homeowners, which has been our core market thus far.”