Russian studio Ruetemple have designed a modular room with a transformable interior that can adjust to the occupant’s daily routine.

Created for a brother and sister, the room features a bookshelf-staircase, mezzanine hammock and an adaptable seating cube on wheels and occupies a two-storey area in a family home in Russia.

The 33-square-metre, multi-purpose space is free from typical furniture but can be organized in several ways thanks to a modular cube structure.

The three components of the cube sit on wheels and can be arranged as a trio of sofas, an elongated seating structure or a bed.

At the other end of the room, fixed furniture has been added to create a workspace, with desks, cupboards, shelves and a staircase.

The same material has been used for all components so that they appear like one piece of furniture.

A vertical timber screen acts as a balustrade for the stairs leading up to the second level, and helps to create a division between the play and work spaces in the room.

Upstairs, a large hammock made from construction netting covers the void, creating a hideout where the kids can read and relax.

Ruetemple installed skylights and multiple E27 pendant lights on the upper floor in order to provide equal illumination for the different parts of the space.

Interactive play and study space by Ruetemple

Courtesy Dezeen