The Modos system of modular furniture uses a series of wooden boards and aluminum clips to create anything from shelving, to tables, seating and even a standing desk.

Created by Brooklyn industrial designers Matt Tyson and Andrew Personette, Modos is made from FSC-certified, formaldehyde-free, three-quarter inch (1.9cm) thick plywood with solid birch and alder veneer cores.

The flat-pack furniture comes as individual rectilinear pieces in various sizes, which are clipped together using anodized aluminum connectors to form a variety of designs.

The self-supporting connectors eliminate the need for tools, with the aluminum flexing and compressing the board to create a strong, but easily dismantled “friction joint”.

Customers can choose to buy a pre-packaged kit and template of a desk, shelf or stool or purchase individual boards and connectors to create their own design.

The panels can be disassembled and reconfigured continuously as required which, combined with their waste-reducing shape, could make them a more sustainable option than conventional flat-pack furniture.  

Modos is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, aimed at raising the funds needed to scale-up its production.

Courtesy Gizmag