Dark patinated baking sheets have been given a second life as wall décor and lamp shades at a centenarian bakery in Toruń, Poland.

Doppio Cafe Bistro/ Bartkowscy is a family owned bakery that dates back to 1927 and has now been developed into 18 stores across Torun.

Working with the store’s owners, Mode:lina Architekci realised an interior renovation that fuses together traditional and modern design using recycled aesthetics paired with new minimalist furnishings.

The bakery’s white enamel tiles and checkered floors have been left untouched, while old baking trays have been repurposed into wall tiles and lamp shades.

Also introduced to the space were light fixtures, furniture and a counter, all made from timber, in what Mode:lina Architekci say is a reference to traditional bakery oven fuel.

Courtesy Mode:lina Architekci and Inhabitat