In a first for the Southern Hemisphere, blockchain technology for power will be utilised in a new housing development in Australia this year. 

The milestone property development in the Sydney suburb of Kurnell will connect 12 homes through their home battery storage solutions, turning them into a virtual power plant and giving them the unique ability to share power. This is the first development of its kind outside of Europe. 

Completed by Natural Solar, the unique installation will see each home have a 5kWp solar system and a 8kWh sonnenBatterie installed. Not only will there be an initial cost saving from avoiding the grid upgrades, the installation is expected to save homes in the development a minimum of $620,000 in power bills within the next two decades.

“The actual installation cost has saved the developer $22,000 from day one, but also offers buyers a tangible asset for their property which will guarantee up to 20 years of $0 power bills and an annual estimated saving of $620,000 in power bills within the next two decades,” says Chris Williams, CEO and founder of Natural Solar. 

This development will reduce the volume of power drawn from the grid by up to 90 percent per home, decreasing reliance on the grid. This initial development will act as an Australian-first proof of concept, with many more developments of a similar size and scale expected to integrate solar and battery power from the build phases. 

“Blockchain technology is now being explored around the world when it comes to home energy storage, and this is a trend we are seeing in property developments where this can be added into the infrastructure from the beginning. These are the first homes in Australia that connect blockchain technology coupled with battery power to produce a truly unique energy solution,” says Williams. 

“Through extensive modelling and innovation, Natural Solar has been able to unlock value through the aggregation of these solar and battery systems. It’s more than just adding a few panels to a rooftop; we now have the ability to create smart homes that are truly connected as they are joined together in a virtual power plant and creating a sizeable generator.”