MenoMenoPiu Architects plan to mitigate the demand for tourist accommodation in Paris with their proposal for a series of temporary, capsule-like cabins that stand on platforms along the Seine River.

According to the architects, the ‘Eauberge Paris Capsule Hotel’ would help combat the "gradual decentralisation of Parisians" and prevent the French capital from becoming a “city museum”.

Drawing inspiration from the city's riverside booksellers, as well as from Japan's capsule hotels, the architects propose introducing metal-framed, angular structures, which would be elevated on stilts above the shoreline.

The conceptual images illustrate cabins containing a bathroom and a single or double bedroom, with large transparent windows offering views out towards famous tourist destinations such as the Seine and the Cathedral of Notre-Dame.   

A secure corridor along the riverbank provides users and staff with private access to the hotel rooms.

Courtesy Arch Daily