A disused sewerage drain at Williams Landing in Melbourne’s west is being converted into parkland.

Currently under construction, the pilot project designed by Henry Architects covers a 100-metre section of the heritage-listed Main Outfall Sewer, a 27-kilometre-long sewerage canal that runs between an old pumping station in Spotswood and the Western Treatment Plant in Werribee.

Running between Triller Court and Mallard Close, the park’s design is inspired by the New York High Line and features an informal children’s play area, an exercise station, picnic tables and a series of circulation paths that divide the space into outdoor rooms.

The project is the first step of the Greening the Pipeline initiative, a partnership between Melbourne Water, VicRoads, Wyndham City Council, City West Water and Greening the West. This project aims to revitalise the entire Main Outfall Sewer reserve, from Millers Road in Brooklyn to the Western Treatment Plant in Werribee, into a natural and vibrant linear park that will connect communities and provide a unique place for neighbours to meet, play and relax.

Once the pilot park is completed, funding for the next stage of the project will begin – a five-kilometre section stretching from Laurie Emmins Reserve to Skeleton Creek.