A Melbourne-based architecture practice has begun a crowdfunding campaign to fund a feasibility study for a bayside pool in Port Melbourne.

The seaside pool proposal envisions an Olympic-size lap pool and a series of smaller wading pools on the beachfront, adjacent to the Port Melbourne Yacht Club.

Port Melbourne resident Rohan Cresp commissioned Monique and Scott Woodward of Wowowa Architecture, who collaborated with Andre Bonnice to create a preliminary design proposal.

To be sited adjacent to an existing car park, the facility will be covered with a grassed rooftop and a multipurpose community hub would be built between the pool and the car park. Monique Woodward explained that the grassed rooftop was inspired by the Cottesloe Beach in Western Australia where they had grassed stairs on the beach.

The Port Melbourne community is very enthused about the proposal with 500 members attending a trivia night at the local primary school where the scheme was exhibited in June 2016 and well received by the audience.

Wowowa has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $15,000 for a feasibility study, which would be used to attract local and state government funding to build the project.


Wowowa has also set a $40,000 ‘Stretch Goal’ which would be used for developing a Phase One 'Investigation & Concept Plan'. Phases Two (Final Design), Three (Documentation) & Four (Construction) will then need to be funded by key contributors to get the project truly off the ground.

But Wowowa’s efforts thus far could all be in vain if council members like Port Phillip Mayor Bernadene Voss don’t get on board. Voss all but dismissed the idea of a seaside pool on Monday when she pointed out the council’s massive spending on the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre in nearby Albert Park.

"That's now the pool for the whole region," she told Fairfax Media.

She also says the financial aspects of a seaside pool in Port Melbourne would be an equally challenging aspect of the plan.

"Pools traditionally don't make money – that would be a concern, especially as we are in an era of rate capping," she says.

Wowowa’s feasibility study will no doubt consider this.  

The crowd-funding campaign runs until 30 September and you can donate here: https://startsomegood.com/SeasidePoolPortMelb