Folding desks and moveable walls help form a highly flexible workspace in Particular Architect’s inner city Melbourne studio.

Constructed within a refurbished 1960s office building, the firm created the modular work zone to allow them to reconfigure the space to meet their daily professional needs.

The studio is split into two contrasting areas by a stained timber divider.

One half of the office consists of two banks of three workstations, separated by a communal workbench with an embedded LCD screen.

The other half takes its cues from micro apartments in Hong Kong, incorporating track-mounted plywood cases that serve as storage and display units, but also feature custom desk panels that can be folded down to create extra workspace or meeting areas during busy periods.

Shelves were added at different heights to serve as a buffer between the main entry and the rest of the office and to act as partitions when breaking the space up into smaller meeting areas.

Perforated acoustic panelled ceilings, carpeted flooring and natural timbers with exposed end grains work together to create a tactile overtone to the shape-shifting studio.

Courtesy Dezeen