Compulsive Production’s love of historic photography and film devices influenced the direction Matt Gibson Architecture and Design’s took in creating a new office space for the Melbourne-based film production studio.

Design elements of old lenses, glass, mirrors and aperture blades can be seen in the series of acoustically lined areas that surround the main warehouse space, while vintage records and musical instruments have been incorporated to juxtapose the modern visuals.

Open-ended pods, clad in plywood, break up the vast, exposed warehouse, providing individual offices and meeting places that can be personalized by the staff working out of them.

Used predominantly for production reviews and color grading, these spaces also incorporate functions needed to control and change natural light into dark spaces, helping to maintain a comfort level required for the often long editing sessions.

At night, the space can be transformed with the use of low-key lighting and dark reflective surfacing, turning it into the ideal venue to host stage sets and events.

The warmth and darkness created on the upper floor has been contrasted greatly by Matt Gibson on the lower level, where stark white hues and fluorescent lighting fill studio’s entry the gallery space.

Courtesy Designboom