Parlour announces the launch of Marion’s List, an important resource for those seeking inputs from the women of Australian architecture and the built environment at public events.

The list is a new public register for the women of Australian architecture and the built environment, serving as a vital database for those looking for expert commentary or input or seeking to involve a wider range of people in architecture’s public culture encompassing talks, panels, juries, teaching, and much more.

Providing a contemporary public space for the women shaping the Australian built environment, the newly launched list is expected to grow daily, as more and more women upload their profiles to the resource.

Marion's List is named in honour of Marion Mahony Griffin (1871–1961), the trailblazing Chicago architect who made a substantial contribution to Australian architecture. Though highly regarded as an architectural illustrator, she was often overlooked or side-lined, facing many of the problems that continue to impact women architects less visible in the public sphere.

Parlour has edited many Wikipedia articles on Marion as part of WikiD Virginia Mannering to ensure that her contributions are acknowledged and recognised.

At time of print, over 25 women have registered on the list. 

Please visit here to add your own profile