The City of Mandurah in Perth has put out Expressions of Interest (EOIs) for artists to create a new work that will reflect community memories of the Old Mandurah Bridge, and as a way to complement the new Mandurah Bridge which is currently under construction.

Originally built in 1954, the community memories of the old bridge connect the past with the present, so the local council decided to commission a public art work to captures and reflect these collective memories. 

According to City of Mandurah mayor Marina Vergone, the vision for Mandurah is a “connected and forward-thinking city that honours its past, celebrates the present and embraces its future”.

“We know that this is such an important crossing that not only connects our city geographically but also our community spirit,” she says.

With a total artwork budget of $500,000, shortlisted artists will be paid $2,000 for a concept presentation, with the EOI's closing on October 10, 2017.

“This is such a rare and exciting opportunity for an artist to create a piece to enhance one of the biggest infrastructure projects that our city has ever seen,” says Vergone.

“We hope to push the boundaries of public art by using new and interactive technologies that will create evolving points of interest and become synonymous with Mandurah.”

According to the council, the type of art and artists they will consider includes traditional and non-traditional public artists, innovators, and those working with emerging technologies are welcomed.