Louis Vuitton’s recently opened flagship store in Osaka, Japan, has its interiors fashioned by the fashion house’s in-house design team. 

The brand opened its first restaurant and café, titled Sugalabo V, related to chef Yosuke Suga’s invitation-only Tokyo restaurant of the same name, which will only serve a handful of guests each night. 

Suga’s dinner tasting menu begins at $415, with reservations on a basis of favouriting the establishment, as one awaits a notification from the restaurant. 

The high countertops that resemble a colour scheme of chocolate and dark, copper hues overlook the open kitchen, allowing the customer to watch the chefs at work.

Golden brass pipes further snake the restaurant’s walls, illuminating pots and pans that shelf themselves amidst a moody-lit chamber.

The concept of the restaurant is to unwind post-shopping spree, and with such luxury, no lesser than jewel-tone leather seats which have been dotted throughout, is expected. At least not at Louis Vuitton.